About Us

All Ways International Shipping & CHB, Inc. offers a full array of worldwide transportation and customs brokerage services for your cargo that is either being exported from the U.S. or being imported into the U.S.

We are a U.S. Customs & Border Protection Customs Broker and a Transportation Service Provider. Our mission is to offer a personalized service to our customers within the U.S. and to the international transportation and shipping community.

Our Managing Director’s have over 50 years combined experience in the shipping industry thus providing All Ways with the capability, experience, and expertise in all areas of global transportation, warehousing, distribution, vessel bookings and customs clearance to ensure your shipment is tailored to fit your needs.

We know how challenging the business of international trade can be, whether for a client experienced in the shipping process or a first time customer for whom everything in the Import/Export business is new. We at All Ways work to simplify our customer’s experience, by giving the best service possible and providing information throughout the process of exporting from and importing goods into the United States in a fast and reliable manner. We have years of experience in shipping overseas our customers household goods, cars, boats, motorcycles, and any other personal belongings.

Our reputation for excellence is a direct result of our commitment to service and professionalism and our goal at All Ways International Shipping is to establish our company as a leader in the International shipping and customs brokerage industries.

So, whether you want to export or import your car, classic car, vintage car, 4 x 4, SUV, truck, motorcycle, boat, yacht, motor home, camping trailer, railway engine or helicopter, we are certain we can offer the perfect solution for you.

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