Service Overview

All Ways International Shipping offer a complete range of ocean freight services to meet your transportation needs and cargo requirements in the most cost effective way possible.

We can provide customers who take advantage of our car shipping services with a variety of choices for delivering their vehicles to the port of loading. We can assist whether the customers decide to have the convenience of having their car picked up from their residence, a local terminal or taking it direct to the U.S. port of departure. We are not limited to just cars for this service but can organize many different types of auto shipping for trucks, vans, motorcycles, RVs and more.

  • RO/RO shipments (Roll On / Roll Off)
  • FCL Containerized Cargo (Full container load)
  • LCL Containerized Cargo (Less than Container Load)
  • LO / LO shipments (Lift On / Lift Off)

We offer services for shipping a car to many worldwide destinations around the globe, such as:

  • For customers looking for service to European and Mediterranean ports we can offer car shipping to Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden.
  • Caribbean destinations including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St. Kitts, St. Martin, and the Virgin Islands
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Middle East including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Beirut, and Kuwait as well as others
  • West and South Africa ports including Nigeria, Congo, Lagos, Senegal, Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Monrovia, Banjul, Angola, Durban and Ghana as well as many others.
  • Asia including Singapore, China, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam
  • Adriatic Sea such as Croatia and Montenegro
  • Central and South America, including Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras plus many other world wide destinations.

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